Dec 13, 2013

Our Big 6 year old

It is hard to believe that our little man turned 6.  It was a tough birthday for mommy.  When he turned 6 it was also close to the last few days of Kindergarten and I started to realize that he is moving onto a new chapter in his life.  He turned 6 and then started all day school.  This is why I was having a hard time!  Once he turned 6 it seemed like a light switch flipped in him and he became a little man.  He became more independent!  He keeps asking "why can I not just make my own choices?"  We are loving seeing him develop into the handsome little man that God has created him to be.  He is sweet, caring, loving and loves the Lord.  We feel so blessed that we are his parents and can not wait to see who he becomes in the future.  We love you monkey!

Daddy built one of those photo things for his party!  Love having a handy daddy!

Oct 14, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We are not really the family that takes off for the 3 day weekends much.  We usually stay home and do stuff around here that needs to get done or we try to go and see places that we have not been to before.  Well this year for Memorial day weekend we were invited by some good friends to go to Pacific Beach with them for the weekend.  We had a blast.  The weather was not good but I am really okay with that.  The kids got the chance to hang out with some amazing people from our church that put up with them and their craziness:)  Thank you Goldsberry's for inviting us.  We had a blast!
Elliott coloring with his new friend Jan Rosencutter.  She was a good sport:)

Edith with Matt & Nakia Goldsberry, my kids like to control how others color:)

Edith with her new friend Alan Dorow. 

Nothing like a little coloring and snacks to get through rainy days

Reading some books with here friends Kathi & Alanna Dorow.

Again thank you all for including us in this tradition of yours.  We felt so welcomed and included!God Bless you all

Aug 9, 2013

Cousin's Birthday

So my brother and I each have 2 kids which most of you know.  Their oldest it 4 1/2 months older than Elliott and their 2nd is 4 weeks younger than Edith.  It is always so fun to have them around and a little tiring at the same time.  It is almost like having 2 sets of twins!  Well this year, Wes made the T man his desk just like all the other kids have.  We decided on the colors and now I am obsessed with the color combo.  Many of you may know the color combo as the Sounders or the Seahawks.  We are not huge fans of either, so we just like them because the are "happy colors" as the kids say.
It is Navy Blue on the Bottom and Lime green on the top with the original laminate
Elliott watching TV on the coolest rocking motorcycle!
Cars cake made by me
Fun times with the cousins!
 Again always fun to get the kids together!  Happy 3rd Birthday T man!

Jul 19, 2013

First Rainier's Game of the Season

Wes' company decided to get tickets for the opening home game of the Tacoma Rainier's this year.  It was in April and needless to say it was not nice.  We kept checking to see if it was going to be canceled due to rain and unless it is horrible they do not cancel.  I guess being in Washington they would have to cancel a lot of games if it was just rain:)  Well we packed up the rain gear and stopped for hot coffee and cocoa and headed out.  When we got there we were so close to having our seats undercover, luckily it was not a crowded game and we moved up a couple rows and got into the covered seats.  We tried to last the whole game but daddy and I were so cold we finally convinced Elliott to leave and go get dessert.  Here is what it looked like
 Elliott and I trying to stay warm
 Pizzokie at BJ's for dessert!  We did convince him to share a little with mommy and daddy:)